With Nothing Left For The Pot

‘With Nothing Left For the Pot' is the second chapter in my 'Off-grid Scotland' series. Ken Smith, known locally as 'The Hermit of the Loch’ has lived alone in his isolated log cabin since 1984.  With no phone coverage, roads or people close by, his way of life has become increasingly difficult in recent times. In 2019 Ken suffered a stroke and used his GPS transmitter to signal for help. Mountain rescue helicoptered in and airlifted him to the hospital where he recovered for several weeks. To get supplies Ken must leave at 3AM, hike down the active train line to the closest station and then take the fifty-minute journey to the town. I have used a combination of photographs and his hand-written notes to tell the story of this aging 74-year-old hermit.

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© Elliot Caunce.