The Review


Below is a selection of luxury travel and food & drink editorials I have written for The Review Magazine; a digital online publication with 125,000 certified sophisticated investor subscribers. The total aspirational readership of each addition is 425,000.

The Curtain Hotel & Membership Club (2020).

"From the outset, it commands attention; a behemoth of a complex in a street of otherwise uninspiring architecture. Upon entry, we are greeted by a sleek industrial aesthetic complete with exposed brickwork, steel girders and large floor to ceiling windows. Think emerald green upholstery, bare lightbulbs and staff with trousers rolled above their ankles. If we were to personify The Curtain, it would be Justin, the slick newcomer to town. The impeccably dressed entrepreneur at the hotel bar, who dons a pencil moustache..."  Read more. 

Eagle Brae, Scotland (2019).

"One morning, as I sat with a cup of tea looking out over Loch Affric, the serendipitous song of a tiny bird carried my thoughts to a place of contemplation. The vista stretched so far into the distance it fused itself with the morning sky. The appeal of Eagle Brae is not just in the quality of the hospitality, but in its proximity to vast quantities of natural splendor. Venture outside and you will be rewarded with a plethora of activities destined to fulfill... " Read more.

The Red Rooster (Coming soon)
Batty Langleys (Coming soon)


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