The Rise Of Female Cryptos in Turkey

I first heard about Reyhan Gürcününoglu when I became interested in Crypto-currencies during a four-month trip to Turkey. I heard about an inspirational woman from the conservative South East, who had become a bitcoin entrepreneur and was now known as one of the regions first and most influential women in the field - but for most of her life, she had worked as a Seamstress. For 2 months we talked using Google translate over Facebook messenger. She eventually agreed to meet. We made our way from Istanbul to Gaziantep; a city just an hour’s drive from the Syrian border. I had arranged for a local translator to meet with us – through a contact we made and put us in touch with the municipality's official translator who offered to guide us in the town as they don’t normally get tourists. And so we set up a meeting with Reyhan and we held an interview. As she did not know English or I Turkish, we relied heavily on the translator. I was surprised to learn Reyhan was raised in the village of Atalar, a small farming community in the desert 30 KM outside of Gaziantep. After finishing primary school, Reyhan did not continue on to upper secondary education, in favor of moving to the city and finding a job. Despite her rural upbringing, Reyhan has gone on to become an inspiration for many in her area, an influencer in tech and a leading crypto-currency expert in Turkey.


The film was made in collaboration with Filmmaker, John Mio Mehnert.

This story is currently packaged in three ways i) 4 minute short ii) a 24 image series iii) An immersive infinite scrolling story that applies video, maps, photographs, sound and word to tell the story using the ArcGIS storymaps platform that you can view here. 

Reyhan's story is currently available to publish.

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