Off-grid Scotland: Ken Smith
Ken Smith is a hermit who's lived in his off-grid cabin since 1984.
Off-grid Scotland: Davy McDonald
BBC Scotland: Ep 1. Davy is a hardy Scot who's lived off the grid in a tent for the last twelve years.
Off-grid Scotland: Sara Maitland
The accomplished author of religious fantasy and books about silence and solitude. The novelist lives alone in her isolated cottage in the moorlands of Galloway since 2006.
Off-grid Scotland: Jake Williams
Short doc (BBC Scotland) and photographic series about a charismatic hermit.
The Rise Of Female Cryptos In Turkey
From Seamstress to leading crypto entrepreneur
Call for landowners to be forced to kill more deer to protect trees
Published news feature by The Ferret on the impact of Red Deer on Scottish Woodlands.
Venice Carnival UnMasked
The feature length documentary and two music videos for Russian opera singer Anna Sanachina.
Martin Parr
Possibly the most well-known Doc Photographer in the UK.
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